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Office Work
OW-01 Photo Copy
We offer best quality of photo copy, in A4, F4, A3, A5 sizes and mirco copy is also available. light and dark effects, different qaulity of papers are available.
OW-02 Book Binding
we offer best quality binding service like spiral binding, tap binding, in different sizes and colors.
OW-03 Card Lamination
we offer best quality lamination service in different sizes and plastic quality.
OW-04 Lamination/ Plastic Coating
we offer best quality lamination service of Plastic Coating in different sizes and plastic quality.
OW-05 Fax Sending or Receiving
We send and receive your documents through fax.
OW-06 Computer Print Out
We print out your documents in USB, Email or any other device in a reasonable price.
OW-07 Email Sending and Receiving
We make sending or receiving of you documents possible through email.
OW-08 Searching Information on Internet
We search each and every legal information you require from internet and organize it for you.
OW-09 Photography
We make best quality Photographs in different sizes and paper quality having photo editing or enhancement.
OW-10 English, Urdu, Pashto, Arabic Composing
We compose in above four languages in full accuracy and super fast speed.