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Sketching Services
SK-01 Cross-Section
We draw Cross-Sections with quality and accuracy exaclty according to your requirements.
SK-02 Long-Section
Long-Section of roads or structures used in roads quite accuretly.
SK-03 Sharp Drawing
We make structures sharp drawings according to specifications and to your main drawing.
SK-04 Barbending Schedule
We calculate and evaluate all the detail dimensions and quantity of steel used in your structure.
SK-05 Intrim Payment Certificate (IPC)
We prepare IPCs of your work done with the highest level of accuracy.
SK-06 Escalation Payment Certificate (EPC)
With the price hike of oil, steel and other equipments your project cost also grow, and you have to submit EPC to get the compensation. we can do it for you quite satisfactory.
SK-07 Variation Order
From time to time changes may occur in your project, for that you have to submit variation orders to get approval from higher authority. We will prepare VOs for you.